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Areas of Practice


Civil rights

Comerford Law has a proven track record of standing up to corporate and government interests on behalf of the average person.  Handling all facets of Civil Rights Law, including, but not limited to, Prison Sexual Assaults, Inadequate Medical Care in Prison, Excessive Force, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution, False Search and Seizure, and Students' Civil Rights in Schools, our Firm will fight for you until justice is achieved.  

We at Comerford Law believe in the unalienable Constitutional Rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  In order to ensure that these rights remain, they must be protected.  We are unafraid and unrelenting in doing so, even against the vast resources of the Government.  Every person deserves a voice.  Comerford Law will be your voice in achieving compensation for the deprivation of your guaranteed rights.  

Family law

Criminal Law and Family Law are often interrelated.  Our Attorneys apply their Criminal Defense experience to defending Protection from Abuse Petitions and related Contempt proceedings and can achieve unparalleled success in these areas.  Additionally, we practice divorce and custody law and have a track record of proven success.  


Death Penalty Trial Certification is a special distinction in the practice of Criminal Defense.  Very few criminal defense attorneys are permitted by the courts to try death penalty cases.  Not only are there requirements for the amount of cases brought to verdict before a jury, but there are also requirements for yearly continuing education in the field of criminal law.  Death Penalty Certification is a rare distinction and honor, indicating the most competent and qualified defense counsel.  Due to their years of experience and knowledge of criminal defense, Comerford Law is Death Penalty Certified.  

Whatever you may be charged with, Comerford Law is capable and prepared to get you the best results possible.  Comerford Law has achieved outstanding results in every area imaginable, from first degree murder, to sexual assault, to theft, to driving under the influence.  Comerford Law will bring its unrivaled passion, experience, and unique courtroom talent to bear for you no matter what situation you may be facing. 

Wills and estates 

If you are looking for a Will, Living Will, or Power of Attorney, contact Comerford Law today.  In addition to drafting these legal documents, our Attorneys are well versed and experienced in handling estates through the entire probate process.  If you have lost a loved one, our Attorneys will handle their estate with care and compassion to achieve the fairest result possible and to protect your loved one's assets.  


If you or a loved one are injured, it is important to quickly move to protect your rights.  Statutes of Limitations, failure to preserve physical evidence, and failure to take contemporaneous witness statements are common pitfalls both attorneys and lay person may early on in a personal injury claim.  Comerford Law understands the important of hitting the ground running and ensuring the maximum outcome on your case from day one.  

We at Comerford Law handle all facets of Personal Injury Litigation including Car Accidents, Dog Bites, Slip and Falls, Medical Malpractice, and Premises Liability.  We bring our years of trial experience to bear to maximize recovery for our clients.  This begins on day one, with an immediate and aggressive posture that ensures long-term success on your claim.  

municipal law

Our Attorneys have a wealth  of experience acting as solicitors for various government municipalities and as defense counsel for government agencies.